A Patient has fallen - What should I do?
On approaching the patient - Look at the environment and the position of
the patient on the floor; this will help you determine how they patient
might of fallen (backwards, forwards, sideways) which should be relayed
to the Dr and documented.
Check for signs of life, call 2222 if none.
Otherwise complete baseline CVS and neuro observations while the
patient is still on the floor (include blood glucose if diabetic).
Any signs of serious injury such as pain, loss of sensation, limb
deformity indicating fracture in either the neck, spine or hip - DO NOT
move the patient, make them comfortable on the floor, seek urgent
medical assistance, document.
NO signs of serious injury get the patient off the floor
Independent in getting up - guide them off the floor
Needs guidance and minimal assistance of 1 - assist and guide them off
the floor
Needs assistance of more than 2 use a hoist.