Information Security Guidance
  • When transferring sensitive, confidential information and PID by fax, a safe
  • haven fax should be used. If you are unsure whether the machine you are
  • using is a safe haven fax or not, use the following procedures:
  • Anonymise PID wherever possible. If this is not possible, use NHS number
  • instead of name, DOB etc.
  • Telephone the recipient of the fax to let them know you are sending them
  • PID.
  • Always double check the fax number before you hit the Send button.
  • The cover sheet should state who the information is for, and be marked
  • "Private and Confidential".
  • Request a report sheet to confirm that the transmission was successful.
  • A copy of the report sheet should be retained in the patient or staff record.
  • If necessary, contact the recipient to ensure they have received the fax.
    Never leave the fax machine unattended whilst the fax is being transmitted.