Tuberculosis (TB) continues to be a major health concern around the world, including in the UK. Pregnant women face higher risks of developing TB than the general population because of changes in the immune system during pregnancy, mainly due to T-cell suppression and reduced interferon-gamma production. Whilst TB is slowly decreasing in the UK, certain groups (such as those from countries with high rates of TB) remain vulnerable and require better access to prevention measures.

This module has been developed to support midwives and their teams in the important role they play in preventing TB. The information is particularly relevant to anyone who is working in an area where there are above average rates of TB. This will usually be in an urban area but TB can occur anywhere with anyone.

By the end of this module you will:

  • be aware of the risks to mother and baby associated with TB in pregnancy and childbirth
  • understand your role in the prevention of TB
  • understand key clinical aspects of TB and LTBI relevant to your practice
  • be able to identify someone at risk and take appropriate action to prevent TB
  • be able to recommend LTBI testing to eligible women, organise the test and give them their results
  • recognise someone who may be suffering with active TB and ensure the appropriate referral is made

Each section ends with a short assessment to enable you to see what you have learnt.

Study time: 40 minutes

Original content: June 2019
Review date: 2022