We are excited to launch a new appraisal framework package, to better support managers and staff to have positive and meaningful appraisal conversations at Barts Health.

This e-learning course contains resources to help you use the framework and appraisal conversations as effectively as possible.

In line with our core values and behaviours, when you work with assertiveness you will communicate with confidence, recognise your rights and responsibilities to each other, and know how to deal with potentially difficult situations.

This module will help you understand more about your own and others behavioural styles, the relationship between assertiveness and self-esteem, the impact of how we communicate - both verbally and non-verbally, and provide you with the knowledge to develop better working relationships or achieve better working outcomes - by working with assertiveness.

Once you have completed this module, you should book to attend the Improving your Assertiveness workshop; where the knowledge you now have will be explored, practiced and brought to life – and where you can plan how to apply this in the workplace to achieve the outcomes you want.